Monday, November 17, 2014

Sept 2 (and 3): Warm Springs to Mt. Hood

 trail humor.

 apparently i like signs today.

 Little Crater Lake. 

Journal Entry:  Sept. 2, 2014/ Seeping Spring, 26.0 miles. PCT mile 2067 - 2093

"The miles came easily today, starting at 7:30 am, a quick 6 to the first water, 11 by 11:00am, lunch w/ Buffalo.  He's trying to evade the crowd + I definitely understand this.  I did 20 miles by 3:30;  I thought I would camp at Timothy Lake, but the abused camp sites, wind + early hour spurred me on.  Little Crater Lake was gorgeous.  Stopped at Seeping Spring @ 6:00 pm.  Happy to see only 2 hikers, but soon the camp was overrun w/ people.  Definitely some attitudes about thru vs. section hikers, which irritates me and makes me miss being alone.  I'd wanted this, but now I regret being in the herd.  i miss Polar Bear! T-Lodge tomorrow. "

Journal Entry:  Sept. 3, 2014  Timberline Lodge.  15.0 miles. 

"Drunk debauchery.  Insanity.  Blox, Pigpen, Paul Bunyon, Kentucky + Prometheus.... Slept outside after closing the bar. "

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