Monday, November 17, 2014

Sept. 4: Timberline Lodge (madness) and such

 Pigpen, Prometheus and Paul Bunyon in the exact spot they slept last night, about 100 yards from the back door of Timberline lodge (where we partied rather hard).

Winning the PCT
 Waking on the south side of Mt. Hood...
 And looking down at the lodge where people with money and civility slept last night...

 Prometheus holding court while Paul Bunyon eats donuts.  Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Magical fairy land (pretty sure that's the official designation), Mt Hood National Forest.

Journal Entry:  Sept. 4, 2014.  Muddy Bridge.  PCT mile 2107 - 2120

"Gorgeous hike all day.  Spectacular views of Mt. Hood glaciers, spurs + rivers.  Glorious Fairy-Land @ Ramona Falls alternate.  Stayed low and behind the herd to avoid mass of thru-hikers on Lolo Pass.  Hungover from previous night @ T-Lodge.  Winning the PCT!"

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