Monday, November 17, 2014

Aug. 25, 2014: 28.0 miles!

 My new girl friend Terese, waking up at Charlton Lake, OR.
You make friends instantly on the trail.
 The P.B.s:  Polar Bear and Paul Bunyon waking up... with my shit-show all over the foreground.

Journal Entry:  Elk Lake.  28.0 miles.  PCT mile 1932- 1959 + 1

"Elk Lake:  Why oh why do we push ourselves?  To keep up, stay social, remain in the pack... Sexual tension.  Companionship.  Walked my longest day yet with P.B, P.B., + Terese;  goal was Elk Lake for store + restaurant.  The boys pulled ahead at the day's end leaving Terese and I to walk frustratedly in the dark for the last hour.  We got "lost" coming off the train, cursing the boys.  Of course, when they found us, carrying beer... having waited patiently for us at the store for an hour... realized the value of loyalty.  An interesting night by the fire ended in me making out with Paul Bunyon, which was great.  Slept hard from 3:00am to 8:40am.  Woke to happy friends.  We ate an awesome breakfast in the Elk Lake Resort, now are chilling/napping happily by the lake.  Terese rented an S.U.P.  Bunyon is napping.  Families are happily frolicking.  I am drying in the sun after a swim.  Hung over but calm + happy. "

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