Monday, November 17, 2014

August 24, 2014: Oregon PCT !!!!

Journal Entry:  Aug 24th/ mile 1914-1932/ 18.0 miles

" Oregon!! Such wonder... a playground of lakes + volcanoes.  After 3 days of horrible anxiety about jobs I am now relaxed and happy.  Immediately after Adriana dropped me off @ hwy 58 (Willamette Pass) I felt happy.  3 miles in at a pretty lake, met Polar Bear who invited me to camp later, 14.6 miles ahead.  Energized by the beauty + social interaction I trekked ~ 3mph all day on easy  trail.  At Bobby Lake I say a sign [made by sticks on the trail] -- "P.B." on the ground.  Walked the 1/4 mile to the lake thinking to find Polar Bear's friends... and found Paul Bunyon.  We all caught up + decided to trek onward.  8 1/2 miles later... walking in the dark w/ Bunyon.  Found Charlton Lake at about 9:30pm.  Amazingly-- a group of campers here, all asleep had a cooler 2/ cold beer!! We each had I.P.A + watched the stars reflecting in the lake.  So Pretty.  My heart is so happy, once again... an incredible contrast tot he dread + anxiety of work thoughts.  Bunyon + I slept out under the stars.  Terese + Polar Bear put up their tents.  8/25... woke up at 4:30 am [too excited/happy to sleep].  Watched the sun come up.  Today we will try to go 27 miles.  I feel good! Might try to catch Pigpen + Blox, 3 days ahead of us...  "

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