Monday, November 17, 2014

August 26: Elk Lake to Sisters Wilderness

 It IS all fun and games, but the aftermath is often unsightly.  First real partying on the PCT, Elk Lake, Oregon.  Those are empty beer cans, scattered around ultra-light hiking gear.  Jeezus.

 Heading out of Elk Lake towards South Sister.

 South Sister, with Middle Sister just showing....  I love how flat Oregon is!!!

 Cozy time friend time, Sisters Wilderness, Oregon. 

Journal Entry:  10.0 miles/ 1959-1969

"Camping with Terese, Polar Bear + (maybe later?) Paul Bunyon, if he makes it.  All 4 of us were ready to leave Elk Lake at 2:00pm, packs on + everything.  Paul Bunyon was eating an ice cream cone... then out comes this guy + says "you guys hiking the trail? let me buy you beers!"  P.B. + I almost gave in but thought better at the last minute.  Bunyon, however, stayed.  At 4:30 I texted and he was on his way up the trail with wine.  Now we have bets on whether he makes it tonight, and if so, when.  As for the 3 of us, I love these folks, the dynamic, the mellowness, humor, loyalty.  We're in a little meadow where Woody + I day hiked last summer during out August backpacking trip.  Just like last summer there are wild blueberries now.  Yumm!! 
I'm exhausted.  This was my first PCT hangover.  It was fun, drinking last night, but today was a wash, and a reminder not to always keep up with others.  Thought of today:  "the Oxford Comma"

Milk, butter, eggs, and bread
Milk, butter, eggs and bread

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