Saturday, July 25, 2015

above and below the clouds

Faron and I just returned from an excellent 45 mile loop in the Olympic forest, following the Skyline ridge and then down into the north fork of the Quinalt drainage.  Superb backpacking.

 From atop Mt. Kimta we watched the moon drift down towards the sea, buried in fog and clouds, typical of the Olympic Peninsula.  At our elevation, we were above the clouds and felt as though we were adrift.

 The next day was the classic Skyline Ridge, a primitive trail offering great views and some real physical challenges (not depicted here).
 When your mac n' cheese levels get too low, just fire up the stove....
This is my ever moving, ever portable and most favorite place to call home:  the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1, here at the summit (-ish) of Mt. Kimta.