Monday, November 17, 2014

Sept 7 & 8, 2014: Cascade Locks, OR to Panther Creek, WA

 Polar Bear crossing Bridge of the Gods, across the mighty Columbia, into Washington!!!

Journal Entries:

Sept. 7, 2014  Rock Creek, 20.0 miles
"Polar Bear and Terese waited for me in C.L. so we all left together.  Awesome.  Saw Paul Bunyon in the morning, still drunk.  I should note here, that while in Cascade Locks, from 1:00pm -9 pm I ate: 1 hotdog, 1 hamburger, 2 orders of fries, 1/2 chili cheese dog, salad bar, 2 plums, 1/2 bag of Fritos and 1/2 can of queso sauce.  Anyway:  it's HOT here.  91 degrees, and we climbed 3500 feet.  11 miles w/o water, and landed at the only campsite around [with water].  There were already 20 hikers here when we arrived after dark, so we camped in the trail.  Nice night under the stars, cowboy camping w/ my buddies.  Chai w/ cinnamon whiskey, laughs, happiness."

Sept. 8, 2014
"Somewhat depleted today after yesterday's climbing in the heat.  Felt Jell-o legged after lunch + slowly progressed.  Took some salt tabs @ 1:30pm + felt better quickly.  Also:  iPod for the first time on trail.  The National 'Trouble will find me' ended up being a perfect soundtrack for the flats, wind in the maples, dappled shade.  Met up with some hikers in the woods around 4:00pm.  Now, waiting for Terese, + on to Panther Creek Campground for an early camp."

Sept. 8, 2014 Mile 1974- 1991, 16.5 miles
"Staying in a real campground tonight.  Excited to have picnic tables, pit toilets + a firepit.  Washington is, indeed living up to its reputation as a 'harder' state than Oregon.  The trails go up and down rather mercilessly w/o switchbacks + the landscape isn't particularly inspiring thus far.  That said, the afternoon light coming into the mixed conifer + deciduous forest was lovely.  It's warm + dry with hints of autumn in the wind.  Ferns cover the forest floor.  I'm excited to see Mt. Adams.  Looking forward to some views + rocky spires.  Also: goats! Camping again w/ Terese + Polar Bear, just us 3.  It's awesome. "

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