Monday, November 17, 2014

Sept. 6, 2014: Eagle Creek to Cascade Locks

 Eeyore, one of my favorite PCT dudes, leaving Cascade Locks as I arrive.
Support.  It is the key factor when considering continuing or quitting the trail.

Journal Entry:  Sept. 6, 2014

"Met Dad and T.C. Brown in Cascade Locks.  The good news is that Polar Bear and Terese are here!! So exciting.  The PCT fest is a bit much for me, but grateful for the motel room that Dad got for me.  Hiking out of Eagle Creek today was pretty.  It's HOT here in C.L.  Saw Eeyore today leaving town.  Excited to catch him.  Also, Shiny and Halfdouble are ahead.  All is well.  xoxo."

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