Monday, November 17, 2014

Aug. 29: Youth Camp to Koko Lake

 Acres of old forest fire destruction. 
 The "front" side of Three Fingered Jack

 The lesser seen and super amazing "back" side of 3FJ.  So spectacular.

Storm on its way.  First real "weather" for a while.  Blegh!

Journal Entry: Aug. 29/ 16 miles/ Big Lake- Koko Lake

"Koko Lake:  Left the Christian Camp at 1:20 after eating a good lunch of beans + rice.  Earlier, I woke too early for breakfast (6:00) so went back to sleep until 9:30!  Hiked alone today, once again.  Never heard from the boys.  Waited around camp for as long as I could... 4 through-hikers that started at Hwy 242 showed up by noon, so I figured those boys would have, too.  Anyway:  Took care of some phone calls and job hunting shit.  No reason to stress as now its the labor day weekend.  Hope Paul Bunyon catches me. "

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