Wednesday, January 8, 2014

when i think of San Francisco...

 I think of....
     Sunsets at Sutro park
 ... pay-as-you-go coffee carts on Parnassus street! Hooray!

 ... fancy chandeliers in the Fillmore district
.... expensive Indian food (really?)

 ... America's Cup, fog and the Golden Gate Bridge (duh!)

 ... tacos and spicy beers in the Mission
 ... street murals and graffiti in the Mission
.... Tartine Bakery in the Mission
.... men with beards
... getting off the N-Judah train with a surfboard (and in a wetsuit) at the corner of Judah Street and The Great Highway for glassy head-high waves.

... morning sunlight filtered through cypress trees in Golden Gate park
... drag queens roller skating in mini skirts in January in Golden Gate park
.... moonlight filtered through eucalyptus in Golden Gate park
... the sculptures in front of the De Young museum in Golden Gate park
.... my daily 5 mile trail run through Golden Gate park
.... drunk Russian men offering me wine in Golden Gate park (and then, upon my gracious refusal of their offers saying, "American girls are so uptight!")
... Russian men in Adidas track suits playing dominoes and arguing in Golden Gate park.
.... Chinese women doing Tai Chi at dawn in the jade garden (every day without fail) in Golden Gate park.
.... Bison exhaling warm mammalian breath in the cool mornings of Golden Gate park.
.... basically, when I think of San Francisco I think (lovingly) of Golden Gate park.

1 comment:

beatriz la luna said...

dude, i miss you.
i was thinking about you so much today!
i can't find any email address for you...
email me, please?
i have new phone too...
love you*