Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the road to nowhere

this is a total sell out. someone told me once that blogs with girls in bikinis are popular. well, here is my ass on a sloping shoulder. could be any ass, any wave, any person.

this is totally unsexy, but coffee is like crack: must have it at all times no matter what. it is the key ingredient in getting the aformentioned ass out of the soggy tropical tent and into aformentioned bikini, and of course, out to the ocean.

oh yeah.... total sell out shot of girl in bikini in water fall. fresh water is hard to come by when camping for weeks on end. this was the closest we got to showering for many, many days.

gourmet camping! yeah... canned beans, canned jalapenos, sweaty cheese and boxed vino. mmmm. delicious.

who put that wig on my head? oh wait...that is my own hair. what the f@#%!? disgusting. i am a total hippie feral mountain pony. this should easily balance out the bikini shots. i think this was taken before we started camping. god help me.


Wave Farmer said...

God helps those...
Who help themslves...
I'd say you're doin' fine.

Wave Farmer said...

My word ver was : unhupti

twin said...

great pics N.....REAL, SURFY & SEXY....hardly sell out.

btw...i have a couple unworn (new) spares...if you're in need. ;-)