Saturday, January 13, 2018

post secret

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Diwakar said...

Hello Karmic Voyager. I am a Pastor from Mumbai, India. I am glad to stop by your profile on the blogger and the blog post. I am also blessed and feel privileged and honored to get connected with you as well as know you and your interest in exploring the world. I did go through your post on Post Secret. It was interesting to go through your post secret. have been in the Pastoral ministry for last 39 yrs in this great city of Mumbai a city with a great contrast where richest of rich and the poorest of poor live. We reach out to the poorest of poor with the love of Christ to bring healing to the brokenhearted. We also encourage young and the adults from the west to come to Mumbai to work with us during their vacation time. We would love to have you come to Mumbai to work with us during your vacation time as well as explore this part of the world. I will be so happy to help you and go with you in exploring the places of tourist interest such as Taj Mahal. I am sure you will have a very rewarding time and also life changing experience. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. God's richest blessings on you and also wishing you a blessed and a Christ centered rest of the year 2018

Bushyhead said...

Hello Karmic Voyager!!! My name is Joey Bushyhead. I know you from a previous journey in this life. I am headed to the greater Portland area in a week to visit with a dear friend who is very sick with cancer. Thinking of Portland I decided to look you up using your real name. Glad to see you doing well and looking beautiful. All the best to you sweet nelly.