Saturday, April 1, 2017

Devonwood DX

 Nellyda Anslow, rider and Abbey (aka Cat Power), 8 yr old thoroughbred mare taking a corner in the stadium jump round at Devonwood DX Derby, Spring 2017.

Three cheers for this amazing thoroughbred mare! She did so well at her first competition away from home. We made the trek up from Inavale farm in Philomath to Devonwood, a gorgeous facility up in Sherwood Oregon for the first of the DX series.  Abbey won her class both Saturday and Sunday, finishing on our dressage scores for our division both days with no jump faults or time penalties... and we took third place on Sunday in the next division up, which we just tried on for size. 

She exceeded all of my expectations, and we had a blast doing it.  She loves jumping, so this was really a good scenario for her.  All of our damn cold winter nights these last few months, schooling jumps alone late at night in the indoor arena, after work...  I guess it paid off! 

Now, for some well-deserved time off for Abbey, and even some equine body work next week (yes, that is a thing).

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