Saturday, January 7, 2017


The deep wake of love
bends light
breaks wings
submerges men

struggling to rise to the surface
to gain access to just one breath
crack the chest
escape the eddy.

Behind this vacuum
her currents change direction
push away
push away
push away, then hold you.

She is still on the horizon
moving slowly like a ship
and you are looking for a sign
a wave, a ripple
a smokestack
the last suggestion
of her heat.

Passing now with each
winter night
the days from her
march on:

you are helpless in
the wake of her
a waterbug pulled
under by her hull
holding breath
sometimes gasping

holding on for springtime
when you can leave aqua
fly to safety
finally dry your wings.

~ photo and words by Nellyda Anslow


Eric Diaz said...

Nellyda,this is Eric.You are still amazing.

Eric Diaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karmic voyager said...

Eric: how can I find you?? I want to hear about your life.

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