Saturday, December 5, 2015

your bones

deep dread of sunlight in winter
the obligation to fill the promise of life
out in a world too vast

waning light
first darkness gives joy
somewhere deep in the brain
or chest
cholesterol-made hormones
tell the wintering human:
find a mate
grow your bones

what foolishness to stand upon
the thresh hold of this day,
to presume control of
these signals

It's the season of surrender.

once upon a time
this dog was a puppy
and in her aging hips
slowing the body
behold the future
in certain dreams she still
chases bears and
fights raccoons
though in waking hours
neither of us climb mountains
like we once did

I saw a couple on the dance floor tonight
smiling like kids smile
their skin showing weather
and clothes sun faded
but what could only be love--

the clear bright light of it--

shone through the place
found me there watching
hungrily at the perimeter
told me,
told my cells,
things it ached to hear.

      ~ photo and words, nellyda anslow