Sunday, December 13, 2015

rain harvest

 Fresh Leeks and Arugula, harvested from my winter garden yesterday in a deluge. What a treat to have planned ahead for December-- to still be harvesting food in the darkest part of the year.

 The hydrangeas are still beautiful in winter, too.  They don't die.  They just keep changing color with each rain, with each change of temperature.  I love their color more now than I did in summer.

The final result: Fresh leek and wild smoked salmon tart.  Herbs from my garden, sea salt, olive oil, some local potatoes (not mine, I tried to dig them but they are still very small).  Baked up with a little Gruyere until golden, then topped with fresh arugula for some spicy bites to cut through the umami. Super yummy! I delivered several of these savory treats to some close friends today in the middle of the worst rain.  Winter surprises keep us going...  the hydrangeas were the bonus treat.  Fresh picked flowers in winter.  Yes!