Monday, November 17, 2014

Sept 13: Mt. Adams Wilderness. 25.0 miles.

Sunrise over Mt. Adams, my newest crush... 

Mt Raineer in the distance...
Big glacial stream, full of delicious water and milky white minerals for breakfast!

My love for this mountain grows throughout the day.  By mid-morning I am bursting with joy...

Um, yeah.  Awesome alpine meadows, sunshine, green grass, and now a butterfly.  C'mon!

End of a 26 mile day... perched on the boundary between Mt. Adams Wilderness and Goat Rocks wilderness... Those rocky peaks in the distance is my hard-earned preview glimpse of the Goat Rocks... Dry camping tonight so that I can be high on a ridge with a view:  my M.O. for the trail these days.

Journal Entry: Sept 13, 2014
Edge of Goat Rocks. 
"I have a huge crush on Mt. Adams! What a gorgeous , gorgeous mountain & wilderness.  Woke at 5:00 AM to a 3/4 moon on sparkly frosty meadow.  Hungry, I stayed up & ate in my sleeping bag.  My cooking pot was frozen solid with last nights' wash water so I couldn't make coffee.  Ended up packing up & leaving camp by 6:50 am! It was a lovely morning with Adams, Raineer & Mt. St Helens all showing.  Raineer looks cold! Did 12 miles by 12:00, 15 by 1:15 and 25 miles by 6:15 PM. Yes!  Should mention that I did have a lovely time with Snake Charmer & Doc up on the rocks last night;  Snake gave me whiskey, water, a mounds bar, a magic bar and his quilt!  We all watched stars and listened to music until 10:30 pm.  It was great-- new people, new conversation.  Snake Charmer offered to cuddle and we did try but it was a little awkward so I went to my tent down in the meadow.  The grass was already sparkling with frost at 10:30pm last night.  Somehow I stayed warm-- so thankful for double padding below (Z-lite + Thermarest) and the purple cashmere sweater Dad brought [to Cascade Locks].  Wore all layers:  silk, wool, & down on top + tights & wool socks.  Just warm enough w/ frost on the outside of my tent.  Today was sunny & lovely.  Had coffee & thawed/dried tent and bagin the sun at 9:45 am.  Majestic Mt. Adams... such a wonder... Huge glaciers cracking & rumbling while I had my coffee.  Oh-ya... 2 owls last night! Awesome.  And a pica... and hundreds of frogs.  Tonight:  Terese and P.B. again.  Hard to get space!  Oh well. "

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