Sunday, February 9, 2014

Next up: Night Sweats Trail Marathon!

 Photos from Pacific Coast Trail Runs
Yeah, it's true what they say about exacting revenge against yourself after a sub-par effort.  But really, the reason I want to run the Night Sweats is not because I sucked ass at Surf City.  It's because its a trail run!  And it's 15 minutes from my home!  And it's at night!!!  How awesome is that?!

I talked Nichole into doing it with me.  She's never run a trail race of any kind.  Neither of us have ever raced at night...  its going to be amazing...

I love PCTR races.  The organizers and volunteers are great, the food is real (none of this goo stuff that all the kids are into these days...), and they are just plain nice people. 

Here's the link...

I ran today for the first time since my race last weekend.  It was pretty good.  I ran on muddy trails in the rain and actually didn't feel any loathing or pain like I did at this time last week.

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Elizabeth said...

this run looks super fun!