Thursday, November 21, 2013

yet another reason

No one is relying on me to run these miles
or cares how fast or slow
how difficult it was or which
part of my mind pondered the reasons
to get up at dawn, to have time to run
far enough to get tired again.

the outcomes belong to me, only me
are purely selfish ones
and harmless in their selfishness:
no one will live or die because of a
decision i made today about which shoes
or how much water
or whether or not to add a few more miles.

when i go to sleep i do not wake up
sweating with clenched teeth
from fear of mistakes made;
only sore muscles, sure to be
stronger the next time i go out

no one is relying on me to run,
to climb, to eat, or sleep, to stop in Bolinas and fill my body
with sugar and fat and salt
to recover, to get stronger, to finish the race. 

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