Saturday, July 6, 2013

white coat syndrome

seeing the the white coat worn by physicians and other health care providers often causes patients' blood pressure to become elevated.  it has the same effect on me, except that i am the one who is supposed to be wearing it these days.  i choose to leave it in my bag, day after day, instead wearing the requisite professional attire also common in this realm.  my peers and mentors insist that the white coat gives the clinician an air of authority and competence.  i fear that i might cause me to be mistaken for someone who knows more than i actually do know.  i dread being mistaken for someone who knows what she is doing, particularly in this point in the game, when my priorities are knowledge gathering and humility.

i dread being mistaken for someone who doesn't appreciate still life with bicycle, chair and flowers, search ranch, 2013.

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