Thursday, July 18, 2013

tiny world

the first thing i see when i wake up--fresh flowers in a mason jar sitting by my bed. i take 30 minutes every morning to sit in bed with a cup of black coffee and just be... my world hasn't had a chance to go beyond these flowers, left on my doorstep by a friend on sunday.  soon i will have to go into the world outside and create ripples, whether i want to do it or not.  from here, i can imagine the layers, first my home, what awaits me in the kitchen (strawberries, yogurt); then my street (a steep hill to the top of Clement) and families driving kids to crazy-expensive San Francisco day care; then the hospital (anyone's guess) and the world beyond that, the lives of the veterans, the lives of the doctors and nurses, the whole of San Francisco, the fog creeping in from the sea, the heat drifting down from the central valley to collide with ocean air, the sister's i haven't spoken with in too long, old friends in their homes (hawaii, oregon) getting ready for work...

but right now, it's still just me, my dog, these flowers, (this laptop) and a few more minutes of silent coffee drinking before the inevitable affects and effects of this day take hold and shape me or become shaped by me... 

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