Saturday, September 1, 2012

actual karma...

for those of you who know me, you know my car (or, my old car as the case may be)... well, my car is still journeying around the globe.  she's on her way to Africa!!!  seriously.  read on...

this old Toyota was my home for a while, and carried me hundreds of thousands of miles from Mexico to Canada and back, many times.  i sold it to a German guy this February (sad day) and today i got an email from him.  here is his exact email to me:

Hi Nellyda,

well it has been a while. But as I said, I wanted to send you some pictures from the car - if we make it across the country. And we made it, without ANY problems. We drove through heavy rain, deserts, snow, over mountains and through crowded cities. We drove incredible 7500 miles from Corvallis, OR to Boston, MA! I think the car has really a soul, two days after we arrived in Boston the starter made problems. Generally, selling the car as in Boston was tough, because we couldn´t technically sell it as a car, we had to sell it as parts. There were just too many safety issues (the crack in the windshield, tires, safety belt...). But we didn´t mind too much because we were happy to arrive safely at the East Coast. Finally a couple from Cameroon bought the car and shipped it to Afica. So, the car´s journey continues!


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