Friday, July 20, 2012

sonoma coast welcome party

surfed here:  a place with "salmon" in its name generally lends itself to paranoia.  this area of northern california is known for white sharks. all we saw were millions of jellies and a few happy surfers.  oh, and plenty of glassy, chest high peaks.  the feeling of sea life was real, but not threatening.  grateful for new stoke, a new place, new waves, "warm" water.  i think i may have found what love i had lost for the ocean....
ate lunch here:  this is a great little beach, empty, serene, carpets of wildflowers lining the cliffs.  i can't believe it's only about 25 miles from a big, big city like San Francisco, and yet, there was no one there.
slept here:  bodega dunes campground.  i've never camped among cyprus tress.  how lovely their form, the shelter they provide from the wind.  california has opened her arms to me.

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