Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and here it is...

 Yesterday I found the magical Dipsea race course.  It's one part trail/ one part mysterious right-of-way through Marin County's most desirable real estate.  I found my way wending a path through the backyards of some of the most lovely redwood-dotted property in the Bay Area.  Finding the trail and staying on it for the first time was a thrill.  I love how hidden it is, yet how (like with any good treasure) totally possible to discover if you want it badly enough.  At each turn the residents of Mill Valley have made their own signs to keep the runner on the path.  It's a lovely homage to the iconic nature of this trail.  Clearly, it is loved and enjoyed by many (although I only passed 2 other people in 2+ hours!).  Solitude!!

 The trail takes one through shade and sun, hot and cold, wind, fog, sun.  Stairs and climbing are part of the fun.  But going straight down after climbing straight up adds to the thrill...

 Parts of the trail feel like a secret Fairy land.  I kept giggling as each turn showed me something new.  I kept marveling at the beauty and serenity here.  Where is everyone?  Well, I'm glad they aren't here...
 Another well-made sign as you pass through a neighborhood of multi-million dollar tree houses.
 Lovely foot bridge.  Cool creek running through Muir Woods.
Even though this sign was the most simple, its message clearly and articulately summarizes the nature of the course:  UP HILL.

I hope the wonder and awe I felt the first time on this trail doesn't wear off after I become familiar with it.
I doubt that's possible.

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