Friday, December 30, 2011


... we didn't like what we saw, so we grabbed some red wine, paddled the whole bottle out into the sea with us.... the waves became "better" almost immediately. laughter, low-angle sun rays and an incoming drunk with friends is a sure way to turn mediocre waves into a world-class good time. this lasted until the brink of hypothermia, at which point we slogged back to the yurt to eat lentils, potatoes and curry: all waiting for us in the crock pot that i had the foresight to start in the morning before we left to check the surf.

after our bellies were full of stew, we crawled into our bunks and slept it off. 3 hours later we woke up to dark skies and light rain. we did a 2 hour night-hike around the cliffs of Cape Arago, amazed at the ocean's beauty-- the way it lit the cliffs and rocks with its whiteness and wave explosions. the day ended at midnight with Ryan playing the ukulele in the yurt while Faron and i devoured Ritter sport (hint, it's not actually a sport) as the rain and wind began to set in more heavily. i finished a Joan Didion memoir and fell asleep to the sound of an oncoming storm.

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