Wednesday, January 5, 2011

just over the next rise
you can see potential
just one last climb
one fleet movement forward

even if the turquoise-grey pulse
or the feather white horses
can't pull you
you can still place your bets with
the gold of waving dune grasses

coldness is a feeling
and also a way of being
warmth can be brewed, steeped,
pretended, made in 3 dimensions with hands

and if all else fails
(remember) water doesn't harm
it only warns, and
if not today then when?


Solo said...

very nice
you've painted
with words
exquisite moments
that i've savored
hundreds of times
thank you

turtle said...

ditto to solo. beautiful.
and the feather white horses almost always pull.

surf: karmic voyager said...

thank heavens for the feather white horses and their insistent charge... they save my life-- again and again.