Saturday, September 4, 2010

you can't do that in california

at the end of your rope

just drop off:

wander out to the edge of your land

and make shelter.

the storm in your mind

is not real-- the endless
clanging of humanity
is nothing compared to what
2000 miles of ocean can
add to your humility.

out here you can friend

an emotional mammal, bear or sea lion,

update your journal page (paper, pencil)

post your status

on a log (pocket knife, wood)

and no one will see you getting naked, getting scared,

shouting to the stars, crying for no reason:

then, (why not) drown in the surf

fall alseep in the cold,

wake up.

wake up.

all the while, remember that
(aloneness is not a void , nor is it empty)
being lonely has nothing to do with being alone,
and they say you can never go home.


pranaglider said...

Great post! Makes me want to leave right now. Sadly, for me they will be desktop images instead of memories.

Anonymous said...

I approve of this message

beatriz la luna said...

holy cow karmic mama! potent words.
sea medicine.
inward journey back to the source.
i love this, all of it.

peter said...

oh yes you can! oh yes you can do that in california...