Monday, August 23, 2010

the blue terror

about 5 years ago i bought this board in morro bay for 130 dollars. its a hull, very heavy, very fast, and very difficult to surf. 1960's era 9'8" with 2 redwood stringers and a wooden fin. those of you who know me know that this board inspired the creation of the north pacific log club and TRIM magazine, as well as numerous "log jams" over the years. faron excels on this board. i gave it to him a few years ago and he recently spent some time restoring it. now its back in the water.
today was a perfect day for it: fast, steep, lined up. too bad my crappy camera and poor photography skills can't do it justice.
the blue terror lives... i dare you to come surf it. this board is, was and always will be the patron of our newport board collective. like old boards? want to surf lots of interesting shapes? join in the fun. any time, as long as there are waves.

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