Thursday, July 22, 2010

i thought i was pretty cool until...

so, you know, living in a fishing town i figured i had better get with the program.

i've been riding my bicycle along the bay lately (the surf has been pretty crappy so i found a part time summer hobby) and a few days ago i noticed hand written signs for fresh tuna. i called a commericial fisherwoman friend and confirmed that indeed, tuna are in. so last night i went down to port dock 7 and scored a 25 pound tuna for 25 bucks. fuck yeah. i made my way home, a bag full of tuna loins, feeling pretty proud of myself for being so smart, so in tune with my local economy, so savvy.... i put some rice in the rice cooker and picked a huge salad out of my garden: lettuce, peas, radishes, nasturtiums. i fired up the grill and got a fire started in our back yard fire pit. i was expecting about 10 people for dinner, so i cut up 10 tuna steaks and then filled a gallon freezer bag with the rest of the tuna and froze it for later in the week.
right as i was cutting the last of the tuna loins, meira showed up with scuba tanks, spear gun and loads of fresh sea bass that she and her boyfriend had just speared. the fish were still flopping as they emptied the bag on the lawn. i thought i was pretty cool until they showed me up. even fresher, even more sustainable.... i love it. dinner was incredible. after lots of beer, wine, food and fire, we got yasmina's dog mojave to play the guitar. a perfect night in newport. xoxoxo

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