Thursday, April 1, 2010

waves of yesteryear

this blog's author on a little wave just north of cascade head. and no, these pictures are NOT from this week... not even this year. this was a january day in 2005. that was a good winter for surfing here in oregon.

more pics of this blog's author on my favorite oregon coast wave. if you know me, you know where this photo was taken. for those of you who do not know, i'm a secret ninja (as you can see by the photos) and i would have to threaten you with numchucks if you had access to my secrets.
nothing going on in the ocean right now except lots of hell, handbaskets, cats, dogs, tridents, neptunes, madness. where, oh where are our lovely spring waves?

1 comment:

Wave Farmer said...

Nice Kung Fu hands in that bottom pic...
I always like to be ready to give a Karate chop...
Wait? Kung Fu? Karate? Surf Fu? Surfate?
That's it!
Surf Fate.